Osteoarthritis (formerly called osteoarthritis) is the most common and most common widespread rheumatic disease. This is a chronic disease in which the cartilage is on the joint surfaces are broken down. Furthermore, other structures in joint, such as joint capsule, ligaments, muscles and bones. The occurrence of Osteoarthritis increases with increasing age, but this is primarily due to the fact that if one have got osteoarthritis, then this is something you have for the rest of your life. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of disability in older people. You can get osteoarthritis in all cartilage-covered joints, but it is still the most common to get osteoarthritis in the knees, hips and fingers. The cause of osteoarthritis is not known, but several risk factors have been identified: obesity, heredity, previous joint injuries, stressful work, age and muscle weakness. The diagnosis of osteoarthritis is often made with the help of X-rays, however, it can take a long time before seeing changes. It is important to get started treatment and exercise early in the course of the disease, and through medical history, examination of mobility and registration of pain one can make the diagnosis earlier than by X-ray and thus get in start training as early as possible.
According to national and international guidelines, all persons should with symptoms and findings of osteoarthritis of the hip and / or knee get offered one basic treatment consisting of information, training and advice on weight reduction (if necessary).
It is important that everyone with osteoarthritis gets basic information about osteoarthritis and about how you can influence your situation. In AktivA at Simedsol physiotherapy is the dissemination of this information organized in osteoarthritis schools.
Information is important to avoid unrest and fear, increase the motivation for exercise and thus better health and quality of life.

Training Exercise is the treatment that has the best effect for most people with both small and large problems due to osteoarthritis. It is shown that exercise reduces pain, improves physical function and facilitates activities in everyday life. A physically active lifestyle also has many other positives effects. AktivA physiotherapists at Simedsol can help you Get started with exercise and adapt exercises to the best for you.

Interested? Participation in AktivA means that you must first participate patient education where physiotherapists who have participated the education program in AktivA will give you better insight into your osteoarthritis, its treatment and what you can do to improve it your symptoms. Then you will undergo an approximately 8 weeks individually customized exercise program with exercise twice a week that you in consultation with your physiotherapist can choose to do individually or in groups. Before starting and after 3, 12 and 24 months, you will also answer an electronic questionnaire Exercise is fresh, so it is important that you continue to exercise even after you have finished the follow-up with a physiotherapist.

If you want to join AktivA at SIMEDSOL's clinic, you can contact us directly e-mail: anne@simedsol.com or call +47 97081559. The osteoarthritis schools are held evenly throughout the year, starting approximately every 10 weeks.    See aktivmedartrose.no for more information

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